The New Topping Book by Dossie Easton & Janet W. Hardy

I had seen other professionals saying this book was a must read for anyone involved in BDSM, and after having read it Myself, I have to agree. I had seen some comments from people saying that the book just outlines what's common-sense, but this isn't the case, especially when you consider that people learn and understand things differently, and what may be instinctive for some may not be so instinctive for others. We all work a little differently, so having a softly worded guide to turn to is very useful, especially when it comes to those who are exploring the lifestyle for the first time. Also, for any who are serious about the safety and well being of their play partners should be re-reading things over and over to make sure they are keeping the information fresh in their minds. 

The layout of the book, format of the text, the push to use common sense and somewhat repetitive messages are kind on the mind, and makes the book easy to read here and there when you have the time. The mix of explanation and real-world stories keep it from getting dull, and make this book good for binging. Their efforts to make the text inclusive is noticeable and helps make the whole experience of reading it feel comfortable and safe, a feeling that, for Me anyways, is intensified by knowing the authors are queer women. 

Although it isn’t a step-by-step guide, it would be a very good starting point for a lot of people, with suggestions of the authors' favourite ways to play, discussions of how to do so safely, and even a lot of writing on being social in the community, something that can be hard to navigate for nervous people like Myself. This book easily makes it to the top of My list of books to recommend for everyone getting involved in BDSM.