There's a lot you can do to prepare for a session with Me, all of which is mandatory before being able to book a session in person.

For the best experience for any kind of session that I offer, you should work with the feeling wheel and complete the Experience Form. The form can seem a bit overwhelming with so much information, so don't feel like you need to fill out the entire thing. If you just want to fill out the basics for now, completing the top questions and then giving details under the subjects you want to draw attention to is enough. I suggest, though, that you take the time to dive deep into this list and what all of these things might mean to you.

For the wheel, pick at least 3 things you want to feel and 3 things you want to avoid entirely. It's common for these to change with each session, so be sure to communicate openly with Me.

I also suggest you read the following books, especially if you want to arrange an FLR / GFE:
> The New Bottoming Book
> Real Service by Joshua Tenpenny

Anyone who wishes to book in person sessions must provide the following documents with no exception:

> Proof of vaccination and Photo ID.
> If possible, Domme / Fetish references (their name or online persona and at least one avenue of contact, such as twitter). 3 would be ideal, but more or less are acceptable. Personal and professional references welcome.

There is homework and reading required before meeting as well:

> The suggested reading listed above is mandatory.
> Write an essay on the meaning of consent that is approx. 750 words in length.

Also, you must do the following in the listed order:

> Book and complete a text session -- complete the experience form.
> Book a 15 minute phone call with Me and make your intentions of eventually having an in person session with Me known
> Follow up with a video coffee date of at least 30 minutes within a month of the text session.
> Book a video session, even if it's just a short one, giving Me a chance to plan and execute a small scene with you.
> By now you should have completed all the paperwork and provided all the documents I need.
> Book an in person coffee date. We will meet in a public place and chat for approx. 45 mins. Before we meet you will be required to do a rapid test, so be sure to have a few on hand that day. Over coffee, funded by you, we will discuss the upcoming scene.

On the day of the session you will need to:

> Provide a rapid COVID test.
> Refresh ourselves on what your limits are, what the rules are, and what you want to feel during the session.