15 Minute Fetish Music Lesson


Have a 15 minute music lesson with your Goddess over Skype.


Have a music lesson with your Goddess as your teacher. I have been a music tutor and teacher for over 15 years and have been classically trained from a young age. I will help you improve in whatever areas you need (or start learning for the first time) using your fetishes, and keeping your limits in mind, to keep things exciting. Examples of how this would work would be: - rewards for practicing, correct answers, and good performances (such as seeing My feet, being called pet names, being given permission to edge after the lesson, etc.) - punishments for not achieving goals fast enough (humiliation, self-flagellation, having to practice in uncomfortable positions) - assigning tasks, homework, practice regimes, and more as worship And more... This is not a session, it is a lesson that uses your kinks as a way to motivate you and make the experience fun. If it is your first lesson I will require some information from you to build a proper lesson plan. What is your current level of knowledge? What are your goals? Do you want to learn how to play, theory, history or a mix of everything? What instrument(s) are you interested in learning? What are all of your fetishes? What are your hard limits?


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